Commercial Kitchen Vent Hood Grease Removal in Houston

Meets or Exceeds City and County’s Health and Fire Code Requirements

Certified Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens and Food Trucks (MFU’s) in Houston and Surrounding areas!

It’s MORE THAN cleaning. we prevent fires in your kitchen exhaust system by meeting or exceeding the fire code and standards stated in the International Fire Code (2021, 2018) and NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

We ALSO keep you out of trouble with the HEALTH DEPARTMENT by ensuring you stay up to date with your service.

Want to look up the requirements yourself? Click the Banner for Free Access to the NFPA Codes and Standards, to include NFPA 96 which is the standard for Commercial Kitchens!

Keeping a commercial kitchen running is a tough job.

Even tougher is keeping up with the required health and fire codes.

What we do for you

Vent Hood Grease Removal

Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd. Co ensures that your vent hood and its components are fire safe and compliant, per the health and fire codes, by sending certified and properly trained technicians to remove build up from your kitchen exhaust system.

These Items Matter:


Out of Sight but NOT Out of Mind
The outside fan needs to be properly cleaned and maintained to draw out hot air and keep a cool kitchen. Cleaning it thoroughly ensures longer lasting components and money saved!


First Line of Defense
Clean filters allow proper air flow and captures airborne particles known as “effluent” from clogging up your system. Truly the first line of defense for your kitchen.

Vent Hood & Duct work

Works Like a Funnel
If your hood is dirty or isn’t properly maintained it can cause you a write up! We clean your hood and the duct work in accordance with the standard.

We Respect Your Time

At Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd Co we know time is precious which is why we make sure you are scheduled for each cleaning before it comes due. Our technicians maintain open lines of communications and strive to be on time every time. You already have a lot; let us take this task off your plate and never worry about missing a service appointment.

We Respect Your Space

We understand we are guests in your place of business which is why we have a

NO-MESS guarantee.

We Guarantee It

We are confident about our service that we offer a 48-hour customer satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the service or get a surprise inspection within the 48 hours and have an issue with the service received, we’ll make it right. Guaranteed!

What Does It Cost?

A typical certified commercial kitchen exhaust system grease-removal service can run anywhere from a set price of $500-$800 for a straight duct single hood and goes up with each additional system or vent hood. Some companies charge $135-$180 per hour and depending on the complexity and length of each duct, you may also find price plans that charge per foot and per additional exhaust fans.

The most important item to consider with cost is whether or not your service provider is certified. Since grease if fuel for fire, the proper removal of it is important because if not done right, it can burn a building down, hurt your customers, first responders, and your pocket book.

At Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd Co we can send out a technician to assess your system and give you a quote or you can upload pictures of your system for a quicker response!

Do you want to risk your commercial kitchen to play with fire ?

A commercial kitchen that is properly cleaned by a trained and certified expert will help minimize a disastrous fire from destroying your property.

Protect Your System

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