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Why Do I Need a Separate Exhaust Cleaning for My Restaurant?

Unlike cleaning your floors, windows, or cooking surfaces, the Kitchen Exhaust System is an independent system with its own rules, regulations, standards and laws. According to most Fire Codes, a trained, certified and/or approved technician must perform kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

How Often Do I Need Vent Hood Cleaning?

It depends.

If you cook with wood or charcoal, it’s every month

If you conduct high-volume cooking operations, it’s every quarter

If you conduct moderate-volume cooking operations, it’s semiannually

If you conduct low-volume cooking operations (like Churches, Day Camps, Seasonal Businesses and Senior Centers), it’s Annually.

Can My Restaurant Employees Clean the Vent Hood?

Commercial Kitchen Owners are typically the ones that clean the hood filters at the end of the week. When it pertains to the professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning SERVICE, a trained, certified, qualified, approved entity must be used in accordance with the Authority Having Jurisdiction and the local fire codes.

What Are the Fire Code Standards?

Depending on your local laws and Fire Authorities, you’re probably using one of these or a combination of the two.
NFPA 96 Click Here to Visit the NFPA website.
ICC’s IFC Chapter 6 Click Here to Visit the ICC website

What is Included in the Vent Hood Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens?

According to the cleaning standards, the hood, grease removal devices, duct work, and exhaust fan must be inspected for and be at an acceptable level when a grease comb is used.

Can a Dirty and Greasy Hood Vent Really Cause a Fire?

Yes. Not only is the grease considered a ‘combustible’ but if you google ‘Vent Hood Fire News’ you’ll find various reports from the various businesses with vent hood fires due to dirty and or greasy hoods.

Why is Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd Co Better than Other Cleaning Companies?

We know the standard and ensure that your system is protected. Our background in fire inspection and protection gives you the advantage when it comes to keeping your system fire-safe and inspection ready.

How Can I Get a Quote?

There are two ways to get a quote: In-Person and Online. Click here and we’ll get you hooked up with a quote.

How Can I Schedule a Cleaning or Maintenance Service?

Click Here, email or call (346)370-2770

I Still Have Questions, Who Do I Ask?

You can chat with our assistant by clicking the logo on the bottom right of the screen or check out our ‘Contact Us’ page by clicking here

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