These items are required per NFPA 96. They each contribute to the health and wellness of your fan, roof, system and overall kitchen.


Hinges are required so that access can be gained to the bottom of the fan as well as the duct work. If you don’t have hinges your fan can be dropped and cause damage to the fan and the roof.

Additionally, it’s difficult to clean the duct work if there are no hinges attached.

New Exhaust Fan $600 + Installation

New Roof $10K+

Hinges start at $99

The picture below shows how hinges give access to the bottom of the fan and the duct work without damaging the fan or the roof.

Fan Access Panels

Some high volume exhaust systems or systems where hinges are not the answer require fan access panels. These panels allow the Vent Hood Technician to gain access to the inside of the fans for thorough grease removal.

After the creation of the access panel, a plug is installed.

Access Panel & Plug Installation start at $99

Grease Containment Systems

A grease containment system normally comes with the fan but ends up failing due to its design. Sometimes, the stock grease containment system ends up overflowing due to neglect.

Our Grease Containment System service ensures that grease is routed to and contained in special filters so that the grease doesn’t end up on your fan or roof.

Did you know? If left unchecked, grease can deteriorate sealants and other materials.

Grease Containment Systems start at $199 + Quarterly Filter replacement

Roof Treatments

Sometimes things happen and grease ends up on your roof. Luckily we can treat that too.

Roof Treatment starts at $99 and can take from 3-6 months to see results

Grease spilled on roof. Roof damage.

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