Services Offered

Vent Hood Cleaning

Standard Service starts at $549.99

Service for XL hoods >15′ start at $699

Service includes:

Duct work
Exhaust Fan

Average Standard job takes 4 Hours
Average XL job takes 6 Hours

Kitchen and Appliance Cleaning

Your Kitchen and Appliances also need cleaning. We offer THOROUGH cleaning services that include grease, soot, and grime.

By cleaning your appliances and the area around them, you minimize the potential for ground and appliance fires.

We offer cleaning services for your:


Stove tops


Back Splash

Behind and Underneath the Appliances


Food Trucks

Food Trucks start at $299.99. We schedule a time between 10am-2pm and we try to meet you somewhere close to your location.

Service Includes:

Duct work
Exhaust Fan
Up to 4 Filters

Average time: 3 Hours


Since most manufacturers recommend weekly filter cleaning, many customers choose to clean them in-house. We offer filter cleaning services as well in the event that you don’t want to clean them yourself.

Price starts at $15 per filter


Sometimes all you need is a belt. We can help. The belt helps the fan spin and if your belt is loose, damaged, or missing that can explain a noisy fan or hot kitchen.

Fire Protection

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Alarms

Fire Extinguishers

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