Vent Hood Cleaning is a Legal Requirement

Local laws dictate that your Kitchen’s Hood Vent must be cleaned periodically in order to prevent a fire. Each city, municipality and county is different so keeping track of those laws and regulations can be time consuming; not to mention that different cities and counties use different standards so you can’t really do a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach either!

Did you know? After a kitchen fire, insurance companies investigate to make sure that hood vents were cleaned properly and in accordance with the local laws. If it wasn’t cleaned properly, it can be labeled as neglect and the kitchen owner can be denied the claim.

Between 2010-2014 there were $7 Million dollars worth of damage from Grease Hood/Duct exhaust fan fires

What Makes Fight Kitchen Fires, Ltd Co the Best Choice?

We have 19 years of fire inspection and fire protection experience; we’re not talking about ‘we read it in a book’, we actually have experience as Fire Inspector. Additionally, our technicians are trained in accordance with the local fire codes and insurance approved cleaning standards. Training is an ongoing endeavor for us in order to stay ahead of fire hazards.

Services Offered

Services include full Top-to-Bottom grease removal service from your kitchen exhaust system. Each service includes removing grease or build up from the following components:

Duct Work
Exhaust Fan

Many customers like to save money by cleaning their own filters but if cleaning filters is not your preferred thing then we can also take care of it with our Filter Service.

Got a Question?

So what IS Vent Hood Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens?

If you have a kitchen and conduct cooking operations for commercial purposes, you have a commercial kitchen! Chances are that you have a VENT HOOD that needs CLEANING!

At Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd Co, we remove the grease and/or soot in accordance with the standard and fire codes. Unlike a regular ‘polish’, kitchen exhaust cleaning includes the hood, duct work, and exhaust fan, NOT JUST THE HOOD YOU SEE!

Cleaning Standards? What Standards?!

Did you know there is a kitchen exhaust cleaning standard that requires you also receive before and after pictures to VERIFY that it was done COMPLETELY? Yeah. Those exist…but it doesn’t end there! There are some details that must be followed and if one doesn’t know those details, it can cause A LOT of trouble when a fire happens.

The beauty with Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd Co is that we do the job in full per the applicable standards and fire codes. Our background in fire protection, fire prevention and our intimate knowledge of exhaust systems, ensures that your commercial kitchen is kept up with all the requirements so that you don’t have to AND we make it EASY to schedule with us!

Scheduling, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Consider this, you are doing all the things that you need to be doing to make your kitchen run well. You are receiving your shipments on time, you are rotating your food, you are making sure all food handler’s certificates are up in the event of a random inspection but you have little to no control over WHEN the kitchen exhaust cleaners are going to show up or IF they will!

It’s already hard enough with daily operations, and the only time you can email or call is after hours but you don’t hear back until the next day!

You wonder: How can anyone work like that?

Well, leave the scheduling to us! We understand the restaurant and commercial cooking business and we have made it easy for you to schedule your service. Whether it is via phone, email, or online, our scheduling method is easy, seamless and quick! Once on the books, we come up with a unique and custom plan for your service so you don’t have to worry about scheduling your next service. You just SET IT AND FORGET IT!


If you’re wondering how much this service would cost you then fret no more. Not only is it easy to schedule a service with us, but you can also receive a quote by having a technician visit your commercial kitchen OR doing it yourself with our Online quote intake form!

In Person Quote Option: We send a technician out to take a look at your system. This is the preferred method when you have no time to do the online quote or your system is complex. This is the most accurate way.

Online Quote Option: In this option, take pictures of: Each side of the hood, the filters, behind the filters, up the duct work and of the access area leading to the exhaust fan. This option is the fastest option but the quote may be delivered in a price range. CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE FILTERS WHEN HOOD IS ON/COOKING IS UNDERWAY.

“Thanks, but we already have a guy”

We know you have a guy, that’s why we’re here. If by now you haven’t been able to distinguish apples from oranges with our intimate knowledge of the kitchen exhaust cleaning standard and fire code, ease of scheduling, and ease of quote then perhaps this can help: We can help save you money.If the roof, wires, extinguishers, or other component that we may come across needs attention, we make sure that you are made aware of it before it turns into a bigger problem.

You wouldn’t believe how many expired fire extinguishers we’ve stumbled upon that the owner didn’t know about!

When trusting your “Investment”, “Baby”, “Pride and Joy”, or RESTAURANT to someone for the elimination of combustible material (grease) how are you SURE that it’s being protected the same way you would protect it?

Be Sure of Your Commercial Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning

Ask these questions of your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning service providers:

  1. Are you certified per the authority having jurisdiction?
  2. What is the standard that regulates the vent hood? what about the cleaning?
  3. How do you MEASURE to check if I need a cleaning 1,3,6,or 12 months from my last cleaning?

Schedule Your Commercial Kitchen Vent hood Cleaning NOW

There are various professionals in the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Commercial Kitchen space but there are just as many ‘fly by night’ personnel as well. One way to avoid a catastrophic fire is by hiring a certified professional company like Fight Kitchen Fires Ltd Co. Fire never sleeps, it’s likes to sneak, and will burn your place down. Who are you trusting your commercial kitchen with?